Friday, October 25, 2013

Who Are We?

Welcome to Lifestyle from 6 Oreos. Here is the place for you to ask us advice, tips, diys, and pretty much anything you would like us to do. We are here to help you and for you to get to know us more.This is where our journey starts and it'll be awesome for you to join us. Here is an introduction from us 3 girls.

Hello there! I'm Katherine and I guess you can say I'm the person who will be watching over things on here. I'll be making sure everything runs smoothly but I will of course, be writing posts. Here are a few things that I would like to share with you:

1. My birthday is on November 9
2. In person, I'm quite shy and quiet.
3. I love to eat chocolate
4. My pet peeve is when people ask me why I'm so quiet. Whenever someone ask me this, it makes me want to talk to them less.
5. I hope for world peace someday even though that's going to be a long time until that does happen.
6. My goal for this blog is to have a huge giveaway sometime. I've always wanted to make a giveaway for our followers. I'm not scared to spend money (even though I'm not that rich) to buy gifts for you guys.

I don't really know what to say about myself since well; I'm very secretive about myself. But you are free to ask me questions :) Now keep reading.... you have to read about all the other bloggers on here. They are all so amazing but if you don't want to, it's okay. If you like this blog, please follow us and share with your friends, it'll mean the world to me and the other girls.


Hey I’m Maddie! I’m quite possibly the weirdest person you could meet but that’s what makes me fab ;) I’ll be posting as much as I can about whatever comes to mind! Here are some facts about me:
1. I’m Canadian eh
2. I live in a small town and come from a big family
3. All I need is food, music and the internet and I’m set for life!
4. I’m a senior and I’ll be 17 in November yay
5. I love spending nights around the fire with big sweaters and hot cocoa
6. Vegetarian for life 
7. I love to talk and tell stories. I probably have a story to relate to every single word you have ever said in your life
8. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with my life yet but I’m okay with that!
Some people would say I love you here but I don’t know you yet. Hopefully that’ll change soon 

Bye for now,
Maddie ♥
Hilo fellow earthlings!  My name is Ronni.  Since this blog is pretty new, I figured I would tell you a little bit about myself.  Here we go!

1. I don't like blood.  I can handle a little bit of blood and certain things that occur every month (if you catch my drift) but I tend to freak out when I see tons of blood (I may or may not sometimes have tiny meltdowns when I get that monthly gift though).  I can watch TV shows, movies, etc. with fake blood in it though.
2. I have a YouTube and Polyvore account, as well as Instagram.  My YouTube is theVHeart15 and my Polyvore is vheart15 (my Instagram is hilo_fellow_earthling).  I don't have many videos on YouTube but that's because I've been having malfunctions.
3. I tend to have a different taste in music than most people.
4. "Hilo fellow earthlings!" is my catchphrase and I will most likely be greeting you all with that in all my posts.
5. I have the iPhone 4.
6. I'm kind of obsessed with baby lips products... and makeup in general.  (Don't worry; I don't cake makeup on my face.  I just thoroughly enjoy using it to make myself feel prettier...)
7. I have low self-esteem.
8. I LOVE food.  I don't eat too much, I just love eating lol.
9. I'm going into 7th grade. :/
10. I play the drums.  Not very well, but I'm learning.
11. I make weird faces ALL the time.
12. One of my pet peeves is when guys sag their pants.  Another is when people are hypocrites.  And one more is when people put others down.
13. My birthday is January 8th.  :/
14. I hate winter.
15. Boots are my favorite type of shoe.

So that's all for now, but you'll see more from me soon.  Talk to you next time, and don't forget that you're perfect, and Oreos are yummy.  ;)

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