Monday, November 4, 2013

20 Reasons Why School is Awful

*brought to you by Ronni* (Will probably also do '20 Reasons Why School Can Be Wonderful' if I can think of 20 reasons)
Whale hilo there fellow earthlings!  Let's just get into this...

1. Drama.  Self-explanatory.  But if you don't see how drama sucks, you go back and live under your rock because you probably don't face drama and that makes you very lucky.

2. Those fake relationships/friendships.  This kind of goes with drama but let me just explain something.  This doesn't mean if you are in a relationship or you have friends that they're fake or stupid or anything.  What it means is that if you're using someone just to be popular or fit in, I'm sorry, but you've made a dumb decision.  Doesn't mean you're stupid, just means what you're doing is really, really, really stupid and you should stop immediately.  Not only are you hurting other people by leading them on, you're hurting yourself.

3. Homework.  I know that teaching is a hard job, and they have a lot to do every night as well as have a life, but if you're a teacher and you pile on homework (we're talking a LOT of homework; a little worksheet or two is fine), you have made yourself the biggest hypocrite ever.  You talk about having a lot to do when you get home too, which is true.  But YOU can complain about it, and the students can't?  I get that sometimes it's the requirements of the school and that's fine, but don't complain about your work and then yell at students for saying it's a lot of work.

4. Those people who think that gym is the Olympics.  It's fine if you push yourself to do the best, but don't throw a hissy fit and a pity party a time that you don't succeed.  Not one Olympic athlete has been perfect every time so don't think you have to.  And don't think others have to either.

5. The people who try to be "hipster". It's not bad to be a hipster or anything, and I don't want too seem offensive, but I'm just saying that it's obvious when you try too hard to be "hipster".

6. Waking up at the crack of dawn.  Some people think that getting up at 7 or 8 is bad, and I'd probably say the same thing, but I will have to wake up at 5:40 this school year.  And I am a night owl too, so I can't just go to bed at freaking 10:30 PM like that.

7. Those teachers that go beyond pushing you hard.  It's great to have a teacher that pushes you to be the best you can be, but we've all seen that teacher that expects too much of you to the point where you worry they'll murder you if you get something wrong.

8. Those really strict teachers that don't let you go pee.  I'm sorry, but since when was it SUCH A BIG FREAKING DEAL to go pee?  And what if you have your period?  You want us to just sit there until we sneeze and end up in a blood bath?  I don't think so! It's school, not a camp site.  We can't just pee in the corner because people will see that there's no tree or bush.  Seriously teachers, you and I both know that when people ask to go to the bathroom, their bladder's about to explode.

9. Those kids that think getting high on the bus is cool.  Self-explanatory.

10. Those awkward moments where someone's butt is in your face. Self-explanatory.

11. Rumors.  Goes with drama... I think you guys can tell that I really hate drama.

12. School food.  And their prices.  (Although my school's food isn't that bad, surprisingly.)

13. Those really dumb trends that you see everywhere and anyone who's smart enough to not follow them are judged.

14. When people don't know how to flush.

15. The dress code.  Because shoulders are oh-so-sexy and distracting to boys.

16. I know I say that the dress code can be annoying, but what's more annoying is when girls dress like they're going to the club in 100 degree weather.  It's still school, so your butt shouldn't be hanging out and I shouldn't see 80% of your boobs.

17. Because textbooks are so dry and boring that it's depressing.

18. I'm pretty sure that every bus will have at least one person's gum on the seat or the window.  If you don't think that that's disgusting you're crazy.

19. Those substitutes that have no idea what they're talking about so they sit there and either a) talk about the subject for about 5 seconds and then talk about their pets or their divorce or their medical issues or b) whine and complain about everything.  Professional?  I think not.

20. The "popular" kids (NOT ALL OF THEM JUST SOME OF THEM) that are only "popular" for using people, spreading rumors, and being an all around fake person.  Notice I said some not all (because you totally didn't see those caps... really Ronni?  They can read...) because some popular people are the ones you actually aspire to be because they're nice to everyone and they respect others and they're pretty.  Some are just pretty with an ugly personality.

So that's all for now... I'll probably do a post about good things about school to balance all the negative with some positive lol.  Bye for now!

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